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On Your Growth Call You Will Learn How To:

Grow Your Database

How to turn an empty database into a machine that pumps sales into your pipeline.

Nurture Your Sphere

Learning how to turn one client into 2 or 3 is the game. If we can do that everything else will be easier.

Stand Out

How to look 10x better than all of your competition, and make your business the no brainer option in your market!

Case Studies and Testimonials

Jarell Johnson - BeAbstrakt Photography

"Clay is awesome! Responsive, professional and highly knowledgeable. Definitely helped me get my business to the next level."

Lyndsey & Davin Hand - 30A Blaze Beach Bonfires

After working with North24 30A Blaze is the #1 Reviewed Beach Bonfire Company in the WORLD!

Lindsey Johnson

"Clay is awesome! Responsive, professional and highly knowledgeable. Definitely helped me get my business to the next level."

Jimbo Holloway

"I would highly recommend Clay to anyone looking for marketing and social media advice. I found him to be very effective and knowledgeable."

Meet Clay Lawrence

My Mission

Share and implement the best business practices for business owners.

Current Priorities

I have very few priorities at this point in my life. These are my faith, family, and business. I don't believe in work life balance, which is great news for my clients. We should do what we want to do, and strip away the societal norms of what is 'right' and 'wrong'. I enjoy working so I work. Every morning I wake up I am excited that I get to go to war for my clients financial well being. I do not take that lightly .

If I am not working I am hanging out with my wife, spending time with the youth group, or walking (I love a good walk).

What I've accomplished in my 20 years on Earth

  • Married my High School Sweetheart. (see above 🤩)

  • 4.67 GPA in High School 3rd in my Class.

  • Graduated from The University of Florida (#5 Public School In Nation) in 2.5 Years.

  • My youth pastor wrote this glowing letter of recommendation. (click here to read)

  • Signed my first digital marketing client at 15.

  • Helped 30A Blaze become the #1 Reviewed Beach Bonfire business in the WORLD.

  • Became absolutely obsessed with marketing.

  • Spent over 5,000 hours on online marketing softwares like Highlevel and other Ad Platforms.

  • Ran a marathon on a random Saturday by myself for the heck of it.

  • Lead a small group of 7th grade boys at my church.

I say these things not to boast, but to show my qualifications for working with your business. If I am entrusted to help you grow your business you will not regret it.